Mark_Gonsky-1001Deschutes Family Care is brought to you by Dr. Mark E. Gonsky, DO. He is Board Certified in family medicine and osteopathic manipulative treatment by the American Osteopathic Board of Family Physicians (AOBFP). As a third generation osteopathic family physician with childhood memories of house calls and the healing relationships built between patient and provider Dr. Gonsky is committed to carrying on the tradition of caring. He attended osteopathic medical school at the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine and completed his family medicine residency training at Central Washington Family Medicine in Yakima, WA. Prior to starting Deschutes Family Care, he was a founding physician at St. Charles Family Care-Bend and in the interim filled a community need with Mosaic Medical’s Complex Care Clinic/Bridges Health program. When not at the clinic Mark is outside as much as possible with his wife and two sons exploring, tending backyard honey bees, or just enjoying Central Oregon.

Our philosophy is to seek health and to assist each person in becoming their own healer. This is in line with osteopathic principles:



How do I establish care at your clinic?
With ease, which is how we want your interactions with us to be from the start. So, feel free to call at anytime and get the ball rolling to be seen today, tomorrow, or when the need arises. Online appointment requests can be made right HERE. (***feature temporarily turned OFF***)

Do you take insurance and what about my particular plan?
Yes, we want to make accessing care as easy as possible. We have contracted with local and regional insurance carriers allowing us to provide in-network status in most plans. There are some more restrictive plans that may influence where/how you will access care.

Is the monthly fee in addition to billing insurance?
No. Our clinic operates with innovative as well as traditional payment arrangements:

  1. Traditional insurance: There are NO monthly fees. All services provided are run through insurance.
  2. Direct Primary Care: Monthly “retainer medical practice” fee covers all of our services. Predictable costs without third party involvement.

What is the difference between Direct Primary Care and concierge medicine?
Good question. Oregon titles Direct Primary Care as a retainer medical practice. Simply put, Direct Primary Care does not contract or bill insurance providers and instead partners directly with the patient to reduce the additional expenses added by administrative factors and passes this savings on to the patient. Concierge practices typically charge a higher membership/access fee in addition to billing insurance.

What if I have insurance?
Great! Insurance is recommended for all of our patients to cover the unforeseen, catastrophic, and expensive side of medicine… hospitalizations, surgery, imaging, and specialty care while your routine medical care (~90% of all health care services) are provided through either your insurance or direct primary care/retainer medical practice agreement, which is a direct personal and financial relationship with your provider. Insured or uninsured we are happy to work with you. Give us a call and let’s see what works best for you. We have contracted with several insurance carriers for our patients convenience, but are committed to developing a Direct Primary Care practice. For our retainer medical practice patients: No insurance billing is allowed by the practice, the patient, or any third party for services provided under the retainer medical agreement. For traditional insurance we operate as most clinics you may be familiar with by billing your insurance directly and collecting the applicable co-pay.

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